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Why should you take this class?

Right now in the beauty industry, more than ever, more women are going natural and want to wear their hair out. Still there is that love for extensions! This love for extensions may be to add fullness or length to their hair. Many women are stepping away from other traditional extension methods like sew-ins, wigs, closure, or frontal installs. All ethnicity’s wear extensions but the focus of this class is on the African American culture. Many Black women are embracing their natural curl patterns and want to show them off to the world! To be fair, micro links are not new. With textured extensions now being a thing for the beauty industry, black women can also enjoy this extension technique. No matter if you are a natural stylist or a weavologist, you should be offering this service to your clients. The technology of the service allows clients to add volume and length to their hair without having to completely cover their natural hair under sew ins or wigs. This service also promotes the health of your clients hair because, let’s face it, getting routine shampoos, conditioning, and hydration treatments, helps your hair grow! There is no braids, no glue and no tension with this technique. Clients are always searching for ways to grow their hair. Offering this service will not only triple your income but also your clientele. You will not see this client only once but several times over the course of their install for routine maintenances. That's what you call residual income!

What is this class about?

This is a hands on or look and learn class( which ever you choose) that goes in-depth with the invisible bead technique of a wefted micro link install. This install method only includes a small micro bead, a weft, and your clients hair. There is no braids, no thread, no glue, or tension added to your clients hair. THIS IS NOT A BRAID-LESS SEW-IN! While braid-less sew-ins do use micro beads, they also include thread. Thread adds tension and can cause breakage to your clients natural hair. Aside from the install method, the invisible bead technique allows a seamless extension install. The install is so seamless that clients can pull their hair into a FLAT high ponytail without any indication of any extensions. Your clients will LOVE this feature! Clients can also wear their hair in many different styles like a left part, a middle part, a right part, and half up/ half down! A live model is required to do the hands on portion of the class!

What will I learn in this class?

In this hands on Class we will walk through an entire install from the point of contact from your client to the take down. Here is what to expect: 1. The Consultation: How to determine if a client is a good fit for the service 2. Texture Matching: Without good texture matching the install is pointless. THIS IS PROBABLY THE SECOND MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT THE INSTALL! 3. Tools needed to instal micro links: What and how to use them 4. The invisible bead technique: What are we actually doing when we do the invisible bead technique 5. Mannequin practice: Let's make sure you got it first! 6. The Install on a live client: Let's see if you REALLY get it 7. Shampoo: The correct way to do it 8. Maintence: When and How 9. The take Down: When and how

What is included with the Class?

1 Bundle of 14" kinky Curly Hair Full Kit: Everything you need to continue to offer micro links after class Follow up tools: Where to purchase more tools for future clients Lunch

How Much is this class?

Hands on is $850: A live model is required for this choice of class Look N Learn is $650: No model required You may record the entire class no which choice you choose A NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT OF $250 is due to register. The remainder is due in cash the day of class before class starts.

When is this class?

One on one Classes are held Every Monday

Where is this Class?

In Atlanta Georgia in the Buckhed area

How do I register?

Press the Register Now button on this page!